1 Year Anniversary Care Package!

April 23, 2016

For those of you who follow me on other social media you would know I recently sent Michael a care package. It was for our 1 year anniversary that is coming up on May 6th.

I was told by a lot of other military SO’s that packages usually take 3 weeks or longer when shipping over seas. So when I mailed the care package out on the 14th I didn’t think that it would get to him until closer to our anniversary if not arrive later then the 6th. Well little did I know my package would take less then 1 week to get to him. That was shocking! Since it arrived early I let Michael open the box the day he got it. Now that he has opened it and seen everything in it I can show y’all the box and everything inside! Well almost everything last minute I added some random things in to fill any extra space to keep things from moving around inside and I didn’t get a picture of them.



I cut one side of the box so I could open it up and lay it flat. Then I painted all the sides black. I didn’t paint the bottom cause I ran out of black paint. Then I started with one of the folds and painted “Spooning…. Since May 6th, 2015”. I managed to find 2 spoons in the kitchen and I hot glued them on the box. Moved to the next fold and painted “Happy 1 Anniversary”. The background was originally just going to be black but I ended up accidentally getting white paint on it so I added some blue, pink, and purple paint and tried my best to make it galaxy like. Next fold I painted “many more to go…”. Last but not least, I painted “I love you Michael” with a heart. I know the box isn’t the greatest but I worked with what I had and he enjoyed it!

Let it dry then time to fill it!


I filled the box with all kinds of goodies I knew he would love. He is a chocoholic like no other! So, I added Hot Chocolate, Reese’s, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, a chocolate bar and more! Even threw in some popcorn and some drink mix ins for those late night snack times. I also added in some things he could use that I know he wouldn’t buy himself. I put some baby wipes in the box for when he is out in the field. I also added some Absorbine Jr patches for pain. They are for back pain but you can cut the patches and use them most places on the body. He told me he started using Irish Spring body wash so I threw in a bar of that soap. By the way it smells AMAZING! Aleve is also for any pains he has. Oh and cant forget some chapstick since he likes to take mine.


I didn’t want to send all things I bought. I wanted it to be special. I added in a framed picture of us in between some of his clothes I sent him. I also added some open when letters I made. Instead of licking the envelopes I made a sticker to put on them to keep them shut. In one of my open when letters I laminated kisses for him. I  thought it would give him a good laugh and I thought it was cute.


He also asked that I send his military binder thingy that he uses for a planner. To use the space inside I put more photos of us inside the binder. Also put his Valentines Day card and his birthday card inside the binder. I put that on top of the clothes and picture frame for extra padding to keep the glass in the frame from breaking.


Before I taped it close I added an anniversary card in the box that I didn’t take a photo of cause I am a dummy. Just for fun I added in a package of ballons and 2 stress balls. Oh and I put the pain patches, soap, and the wipes in zip lock bags so the food in the box didn’t taste like soap or anything else. Then I covered the whole box in probably 10 layers of tape. I didn’t want anything or anyone getting in the box that wasn’t supposed too. Of course Michael didn’t have a knife to open it either.


I think that’s all I have to tell y’all about the box. I hope y’all enjoyed this little DIY post about my care package I sent to Michael. Again this isn’t my most creative thing in the world that I have done but I am proud of my box. If y’all have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below what y’all think of Michael’s Care Package!




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  • Reply Juanita Contreras April 23, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Great box. Michael must have loved it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Reply trisha_keenan@yahoo.com April 23, 2016 at 9:29 pm

      Thank you (: he did love it. He was so excited for the chocolate in the box lol

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