Doggy Breath? Fix it!

September 19, 2016

I recently was given the opportunity to test out a dog dental gel by T-Pet. It is pretty much a toothpaste for dogs. Sadie recently has had really bad breath so I was up for trying anything. It is made with 100% natural ingredients that is safe to consume even for humans. I can 100% say it did help with the bad breath that Sadie was having. It claims to eliminate dental plaque and remove tarter but I can’t testify if it does as we have not been using it long enough to verify that.


Sadie isn’t one who likes to have her teeth brushed but she has been warming up to it lately. When I first introduced her to the new dental care gel I put some on the little finger brush it came with and I let her sniff it and taste it. Then I slowly started to brush her teeth. She really likes the taste of the dental gel. So that is a plus. I am relieved to know it is 100% natural. NO alcohol, medicines, or preservatives.

“We use only natural ingredients in our pet dental care gel, including Fucoidan, Tannic Acid, Peppermint and Spearmint Leaf Oil all from natural plant extracts.”

This product you can buy on Amazon. It comes in a 4.22 oz pump bottle. I like the fact it is come in a pump bottle. The pump is simple and easy to use. No need to worry about how much you squeeze out of a tube. The gel is a nice consistency. It is a clear gel with a little pinkish tint to it. This product is safe for dogs of all sizes. It has instruction on the box on how many pumps of the gel to use for the weight of your pet.

Until I can test this product out some more to see if it really does eliminate plaque and tarter I am going to give this product a 4 out of 5 paws! If you are interested in this product click HERE! If you like this dog awesome post don’t forget to subscribe for more on pet topics!


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