Photoshop problems

May 31, 2017

I wonder if anyone has had this problem before. I don’t know if it is Photoshop or my laptop but anytime I download Photoshop on my laptop it sends it to the blue screen of death whenever I open the program. I have taken a break from my photography but I am wanting to get back into it so I am trying to figure this problem out. I have contacted Adobe about the problem but so far no solutions for it. So until I can figure it out I can’t edit any photos I take. If I can’t get a solution to this problem very soon I will just have to use my husbands laptop. He loves me enough to let me use it for that lol. He doesn’t want me to stop doing photography either. He is one of the reasons I have continued to do it this long. I have felt like stopping so many times but he pushes me to keep going.

Well fast forward an hour of being online chat with Adobe and letting someone remotely control my laptop… They looked at some stuff. Re-downloaded Photoshop CC 2017 and magically it opened up and worked without throwing my laptop into death mode. Thank you Adobe. I am gonna play with it more for the rest of the free trial and hopefully it continues to work and I don’t have anymore problems. I am glad that Adobe has great customer service. I was dreading contacting them as I do any company but now I know my worries were for nothing. They were nice and fast. Over all 5 star experience. Good job Adobe!

If any of you ever have any problems with your Photoshop I highly suggest contacting Adobe about it. Don’t be scared and wait like I did for so long. If you have contacted them with a problem before, Did they resolve it? Were they nice? Just curious to see how others experiences with Adobe have gone. Leave me a comment below and let me know! Also if you want to stick around (I hope you do!) don’t forget to subscribe and get notified when I make new posts!

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