Pixie Cup

May 3, 2016

OMG! I have recently decided to try a menstrual cup. I’m sure a lot of y’all have heard of them before. The silicon cup that you insert like a tampon that you can’t get toxic shock syndrome from. I was nervous when I first made the switch to tampons because I was always worried they would get stuck inside. I was always scared of getting TSS, so I would always change every time I went to the bathroom. I hated wearing pads because they are gross in my opinion. I have to say when I first thought about trying the Pixie Cup I was super nervous and intimidated. The cup comes in 2 different sizes. 1 for light flow and 1 for heavy flow. I went with 2 personally.


When I first initially tried this pixie cup it took a good hour to get it in there right. It felt weird for a few hours but then I got used to it. I used it through out my whole period and I had only 1 leak but that was because of user error of not getting it opened up fully. The longer I used it the easier it was to put it in and make sure it was opened all the way. After about 2 days with it I could get it in right on the first try under 5 minutes. It didn’t move around once inside either.


The best method of folding for me was the second fold on the box. If those don’t work for you there are a ton of folds on the internet. Once you fold it it is no bigger then a tampon. I used a nickle to compare the size of it when folded. The little tab is perfect for when pulling it out.


The cup has great suction after it open up inside so I suggest when pulling it out to break the suction before you pull it straight down. It isn’t messy to take out. Dump the contents out in the toilet and then clean the cup to re insert it. I used 1 of the 5 wipes that comes with it. They aren’t bad. I plan on saving them for when I am out and need to use them. Baby wipes would be good to use after you run out of the pixie wipes. I love that this cup comes with the little pink bag. It is a great way to store it in the bathroom at home or in your purse.


I can proudly say that I am a pixie cup user now! I don’t plan on using pads or tampons again! I have already highly recommended this to so many friends and family members! This is a small family owned business that makes these in the USA. You can use these for 12 hours at a time. These cups with last years before you have to replace them. Think about how much money you will save when you don’t have to buy a box of pads or tampons every month! I am 100% a customer for life.

If any of y’all would like to buy this cup you can click HERE!

Or you can go to amazon and type in Pixie Cup. You won’t regret making the switch!



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